“Woman, Arise!”

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I am about to re-release a book about barrenness, called “Barren No More”. Even though natural barrenness is heart breaking, what’s even more tragic in our time is spiritual barrenness. What happens in the natural reflects what’s happening in the spirit. Natural barrenness is huge, it’s epidemic. I know of many couples who are in that situation but spiritual barrenness is also epidemic.

Many Christians are stifled from bearing spiritual fruit in their lives; many Christians have been stifled from birthing their God ordained purpose or piece of the bigger picture. We all have a part to play in God’s plan that He has ordained for us from the beginning of time. The church needs your piece! In order for the true church, the “ecclesia” to arise, we all need to birth our part, we all need to be and do what we were created for.

We are in an Esther fast. Many Godly women are participating in a spiritual uprising to counter an ungodly rise of women sending curses into the atmosphere against President Trump. We are joining our hearts together to storm heaven with requests for God to be God in our government and territories; for God to reign and make the changes that accomplish His will and purpose. This is awesome! But it’s only for three days.

Women, we need to participate in this but we also need to be the move of God beyond the next three days! We need to move past the next three days and into this next season with intention and divine purpose. In order to do that, we need to break off and break away from our past; we need to make a clean break and begin again, fresh, clean, alert, armored up and ready to act.

Past failures, past pain, regret and grief are holding us back; holding on to invisible reigns tethering us in; much like a horse is tethered with reigns and a bit in its mouth. Grief and pain are riding us and controlling us. Break away! We are about to enter a new season. At the gates of that season, we will have a choice. We will decide whether to allow God to cut those reigns and we will decide whether to take the bit out of our mouths and THROW them down. We will decide if we have had enough of our pity party and whether we have had enough of identifying with grief, regret and pain.

Many of us have built monuments to our past and to our pain. We’ve allowed these emotions to be set up in a high place. After all! Look at what we’ve been through! Look at how we’ve been mistreated! Right!? I hear ya! I’m preaching to myself; but it’s time ladies. It is time to knock them down. It’s time to take a wrecking ball to those high places and move on without the pain from the past. Stop letting your past define your future. Stop letting your past keep you from bearing supernatural fruit and supernatural purpose.

Women of God arise! Over the next three days, allow God to FORGE YOU INTO A SWORD, then forge ahead; taking your God ordained place in the battle!

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