Your Body, Your Temple

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Christian, you may have been sold a bill of goods. You may have been duped into believing lies about your physical body. Some mainline churches have been teaching that when we are saved our spirits are healed, born again and reconnected to God immediately, which is true but they have no expectation of our bodies […]

Angels on Assignment

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A number of weeks ago I had a dream in which a pastor friend was prophetically heralding, “God’s moving, God’s moving, God’s moving today. He’s healing, He’s healing, He’s healing Leukemia today”! In addition, just now I received an email to pray for a youngster in the Compassion program who was diagnosed with Leukemia. So […]

Hide and Seek

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Just in case you didn’t know, God has a sense of humor. And just in case you were wondering, He wants to play Hide and Seek. Yup, you heard me; Hide and Seek. It’s been a long time since you’ve played that, hasn’t it? Has God been elusive to you lately? He has me. He’s […]

Getting Back to Simple

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Is materialism and the quest for more, robbing you of family? At first glance you may assume ‘no’ and stop reading, but you may be moved to do some soul searching as you realize how North American culture has wooed us all into it’s materialistic paradigm. What is your vision of family? What’s important to […]